Dr. Lynn Johnson

Do you have an idea that would make an EHR a killer app? Are you attending the American Dental Educators Association (ADEA) 2017 meeting in Long Beach? Then This is your opportunity to speak up and heard. The Collaboration for Health IT firmly believes that it is our care providers who best understand what improvements are needed to continously improve our EHR. We are inviting you to contribute your wish list of ideas for EHR improvement.


Clinical educators, dental researchers and school administrators at the Universities of Michigan, North Carolina and Pittsburgh realized that their current electronic health record system does not support their mission of being a leader in education, research and clinical care. By leveraging Internet2’s NET+ process, collaborators from all three universities selected ICE Health Systems (ICE) to develop a truly unique cloud-based offering that meets the complex needs of dental education environments while supporting multi institutional research collaborations.

Collaboration Milestone Reached

Dear Advisory Board

Dr. Mark Genuis

I am writing to bring your attention to a major milestone our Collaboration has achieved. From the start of our work together the Collaboration for Health IT strongly emphasized for all, the opportunity to govern the development of ICE toward “what we need and want” rather than “what we have or what exists”. This vision was enthusiastically adopted by the Financial and Billing Working Group. They have been working together diligently for four years.

Dr. Heiko Spallek

Today, the Collaboration for Health Information Technology (Collaboration) announced an internship program that will support junior scholars who wish to explore the transformative power of cloud-based electronic health records. One of the strategic goals for the Collaboration is: Embrace Standards to Support Research and Encourage Data Sharing for Research. The Research Working Group has been charged to determine the research focus for the Collaboration and trigger initial research projects. This new internship program contributes to these efforts and supports a pipeline for building capacity for talent development.