[Calgary, AB] [February 15, 2018] – ICE Health Systems (ICE Health) today announced that it has become a CIS SecureSuite member. Through this membership, ICE Health is further bolstering its cybersecurity defenses by leveraging CIS SecureSuite resources that include CIS Benchmarks, consensus-based, internationally recognized security configuration resources, including CIS-CAT Pro, and CIS Controls, a set of cyber practices, developed by experts around the world, to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks.

Rohdeo Webinar Series

Collaboration for Health IT

David Capelli

The Collaboration for Health IT was pleased to present our story as it pertains to healthcare research at the recent ROHDEO WEBINAR SERIES meeting on Tuesday February 6, 2018.

Lars Strudsholm

Last summer, I went on a whitewater rafting trip. On the bus ride out, when it was too late to turn back, we were given liability waivers to sign. Being curious, I made the mistake of reading the agreement before signing it. It appeared to hold the guides and the company blameless for even willfully neglectful behaviour. I say it was a mistake to read the waiver because although I didn’t agree with it, I wasn’t going to refuse to sign it and miss out on the rafting trip.