Adnan Cisija

Poor user interfaces have slowed the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and created new types of errors in health records (1). Eloptico, a certified developer of Google Glass interfaces for EHRs, has partnered with the Collaboration for Health IT to explore the use of Google Glass with dental EHRs. Specifically Eloptico has developed a Google Glass interface for ICE Health Systems that allows the provider to “speak” into the Google Glass and have the information automatically recorded into the ICE EHR. The provider can then visually verify data entered on the Glass. All of this is accomplished without looking at a computer screen, thus, allowing the practitioner to focus on the patient. For both Eloptico and ICE health Systems, the goal is to increase the efficiency of the dentist and dental hygienist through the use of Google Glass technology. This is turn should lead to improved data that is entered into the ICE EHR.

Google Glass speech input and display mounted on common glasses.

Google Glass

The Eloptico and ICE teams have successfully integrated the following components:

  • Conduct Existing Findings (restorations, fixed prosthodontics, root canal treatment, etc.)
  • Conduct Hard tissue charting
  • Conduct Periodontal charting (pocket depth, bleeding, plaque, furcation, mobility etc.)
  • View Odontogram and read condition of each toothdxdxx
  • View Alerts of all relevant conditions
  • View Treatment History

Google Glass display of existing dental treatments.

Existing Dental Treatment


This is the most extensive Google Glass integration in the dental field in North America and we look forward to both expanding the work and supporting better patient care experiences for health professionals.