ICE Health Systems Live at the U-M

U-M School of Dentistry

Dr. Lynn Johnson

The University of Michigan School of Dentistry’s (U-M) information technology (IT) strategy for patient care has four pillars: cloud, mobile, security and integration. In support of these pillars we have selected ICE as our cloud-based electronic health record (EHR).

Recognizing that no school has implemented a cloud-based EHR, we worked extensively with ICE to meet the requirements of these pillars. The initial step was an in-depth security review of the ICE EHR that extended the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix to include the HIPAA and NIST controls required by the U-M for protected health information (PHI). The security review was completed successfully allowing the U-M to securely enter PHI into their instance of ICE.

With the security review completed a full production environment of ICE has been set-up that accepts PHI from real U-M patients. The ability to enter PHI allows the U-M to conduct a series of Structured Labs. Structured Labs are scenarios based on real patients that are used to identify programming gaps. It is anticipated that Structured Labs will be conducted through the end of September 2018. At that time we anticipate conducting Open Labs will follow in which various faculty, staff and students will learn to use ICE as they enter numerous and varied data that is required by their duties. This will include PHI, billing, charting, diagnostic and treatments, as well as a other information required for patient care. The Open Labs will continue as the U-M prepares to launch ICE in all of its clinics in the second quarter of 2018.

This is the first known time in dental education that a cloud EHR has passed a rigorous security review and that PHI has been entered into that cloud EHR.