The Power of Collaboration Unleash

Collaboration Annual Summer Meeting


July 25 - 27, 2017


Calgary, Alberta Canada

Meeting Goals:

  1. Move forward strategies for successful implementation and the benefits of the data and systems opportunities developed by the Collaboration.
  2. Review the charges and successes of each Working Group.
  3. Govern the next generation of system and third party integrations into ICE.


Collaboration meetings are free of charge to attend but do require an invitation. To request an invitation, please contact our Advisory Board


July 25

  1. Understanding the Collaboration and ICE processes
  2. Detailed demonstration of all areas of ICE

July 26

  1. Training systems to ensure success at all times
  2. Hands on breakout groups

July 27 Working in Collaboration

  1. Training the trainers
  2. Working Group presentations
  3. System Roadmap
  4. What if…; where do we want to go; Collaboration and system prioritization
  5. Integrations to turbo charge care and efficiency

To request an invitation, please contact the Advisory Board at: